Toasted Bread

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Lettuce

Crispy Bacon

The Rogers Market BLT is a simple yet amazing sandwich that we added to our menu after a ton of customer requests.
Like the name suggests it comes with Crispy Bacon, Fresh Tomatoes and Fresh Lettuce.
HOWEVER – as we set our standard higher than just slamming 3 ingredients on some bread, we want to tell you a bit more about our BLT and what makes it irresistable.
As base for our BLT we use thick Texas Toast which gets a brown crunchy outside by spending just the right amount of time on the grill on a thin layer of our signature roasted garlic oil. Believe us, that right there already makes a HUGE difference.

While the bread is being toasted, the bacon takes a sizzling bath in the frier, which makes it crispy and flavorful. The texas toast gets a layer of mayonnaise and a pinch of salt & pepper. A layer of fresh lettuce followed by a layer of fresh tomatoes creates a bed for the hot bacon that is now ready to go on the BLT.
It slowly but surely makes it’s way on the list of our customer favorites and it’s actually also one of our favorites. This beautiful sandwich is only available made to order for both breakfast and lunch, but it is well worth the few minutes wait.