The Rogers Market Cuban pays tribute to the original Cuban Sandwich originating in Cuba (…who would have guessed?!) as lunch for cigar factory workers in the late 1800s. We’re glad that this delicious piece of cuban culture found it’s way to Florida and we are aiming at providing our customers with an authentic experience while adding a little touch of Rogers Market to it.

The Cuban starts with the selection of the bread. Cuban bread, sliced in half lengthwise is the base for the Sandwich. A layer of yellow mustard is spread on the bread followed by layers of meats. We use fresh ham and our in-house smoked lime pulled pork, which gives the Rogers Market Cuban a delicious touch while staying authentic. Of course our Cuban Sandwich comes with sliced dill pickles and Swiss Cheese ready to melt.

The Rogers Market Cuban Sandwich is ready to be pressed. The press starts to toast the bread and melt the cheese. After the first press, our special signature garlic butter is applied to the outside of the bread before it heads back on the press. Not only does this make the Cuban crunchy but it also gives the Sandwich a deliciously garlicky note. Once the Sandwich is crispy on the outside and the cheese has melted, it is sliced in half in a slight diagonal angle and ready for our customers to enjoy.

The Rogers Market Cuban is ready for you to Grab & Go if your are in a hurry, or freshly pressed if you have a minute. This basically leaves you with the choice between a fresh, quick Cuban or an even fresher made to order Cuban.