The Rogers Market Tendwich. It’s 2 Jumbo Tenders in a Sandwich – Hence the highly creative name “Tendwich”. You probably can tell that we’re pretty proud of it.

A Chicken Sandwich is a must-have for Rogers Market. It’s juicy, it’s tasty, it’s crunchy, it’s easy to eat AND it’s fairly easy to share. But that’s only if you want to share it. But we totally understand if you don’t.
But as our tenders come in quite a size, here’s an easy way to share the Tendwich. And then again just a reminder that you don’t have to.

The Tendwich comes with fresh pickles and with our Chef’s signature mayo. Unfortunately we can’t add the sauce onto our Sandwiches in the Grab&Go to ensure food safety standards, so make sure you use our condiment dispensers or grab your complementary condiments when you Grab&Go or just have it made fresh by our friendly kitchen staff.