The Rogers Market Philly is one of our treasures. Like with all of our products our Chef and his team applied a slight personal touch to the Sandwich.

The secret of our amazingly tender Philly Cheese Steak meat lies in the preparation of the meat. We use high quality, fresh and never frozen beef, which is seasoned and spends some time in the rotisserie machine before it gets on the grill. This makes the meat absorb the seasoning and makes the meat incredibly tender and juicy. We like to go the extra mile to ensure the best quality and experience for our customers.

While it might not seem like the most important part of a Philly Cheese Steak, it starts with the hoagie. Our hoagies are delivered from a local bakery, to make sure the quality is right. We don’t like generic bulk stuff. It might be cheaper, but we believe our customers deserve better!

The meat gets sliced and is now ready to go on the grill. The tender, juicy beef gets the last touch on the grill together with some freshly cut veggies. Once sizzling hot, we add some american an provolone cheese which melts into the meat veggie mix.

Like most of our other hot sandwiches, the Rogers Market Philly Cheese Steak is available to Grab&Go or can be ordered fresh, with customization options like mushrooms, extra meat or extra cheese. Just ask our friendly staff for your custom Philly and we’ll have it ready for you as quick as we can.