You might think “well it’s just fries”. But for us it’s not just fries. Our goal was to ensure our customers the best possible experience. That’s why our fries are ALWAYS fried to order. We won’t have them in the hot case or under a heat lamp – because nobody, absolutely nobody likes soggy fries, right?

Our fries are like everything else, fresh and never frozen. This way they cook in a more balanced way which makes them deliciously soft inside and crunchy (as DUCK) on the outside. To make sure they stay like that, they are served in a recyclable to go box which provides ventilation, because nobody likes soggy fires – did we mention that?

To add a little extra portion of deliciousness to the fries, our Chef gave it a little signature note by adding some garlic, parsley and of course salt.

We are very well aware that especially younger guests might not be all that much into garlic (…yet), so there is the option to get plain fries as well. Just ask our amazing staff for regular fries.

We are ready to drop the fryer basket whenever you are!